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A wide range of olive harvesting solutions, always with economy and efficiency in mind.

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The months of the year between September and January are, for many operators in the sector, the period of olive harvesting, and in these months the fruits of the intensive field work of the previous months are finally harvested. In the past, harvesting was mainly done by hand, and the introduction of machinery and mechanical equipment has greatly facilitated this type of operation, making it faster, cheaper and more efficient.

Olive harvesting tools

Harvesting methods and the choice of the best time to separate the fruit from the shoots are crucial as they can determine the quality of the final product, whether it is table olives or oil. But what are the main allies of a quick and truly productive harvest? First and foremost, the harvester, an indispensable tool for harvesting olives without damaging the tree. This tool, in fact, passes between the branches of the olive tree like a comb and, thanks to the special patented oscillating movement of its ends, facilitates the detachment of the fruit from the branches and makes it available for the next steps.

There are two different categories of harvesters, each designed for specific harvesting needs and working autonomy. Electronic harvesters are powered by lithium-ion batteries while pneumatic harvesters are powered by compressed air.

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