Who we are

About us today

Since 1964

Ours is a family history, built day after day, generation after generation, with the determination of the people who make it up

Even today our group is family-run, now in its third generation, including grandchildren Filippo, Elena, Jessica, Giada and Niccolò, to whom the know-how, dedication and goals are carried forward.

The past and the experience of our ambitious family are perfectly combined with the innovative development of the company: we have more than 50 years of history, but our gaze always turned toward the future.

From the first steps...

We have to go back to the 1960s to discover Zanon's roots. More precisely, everything started in 1964, when Olivo Zanon, after a long gavetta at well-known local companies, decided to start his own business. He began his journey in a small workshop near home, but soon he was able to extend his boundaries far beyond his expectations.

...to international success

In the 1980s Olivo was joined by his children Ivano, Mario, Franco and Paola, who with determination boosted the company's growth and expanded its horizons beyond the national territory.

And so it is that today we proudly boast a presence in more than 65 countries around the world, more than 120 employees and an important leadership in the agricultural machinery sector in Italy and around the world.

Our business units

One beating heart, three integrated divisions to serve the diverse needs of our customers.

Agricultural Machinery

Our main division that deals with the design and manufacture of "Made in Italy" agricultural machinery.

Flail mowers for the most demanding jobs, rotary mowers for lawn and garden care, inter-row equipment for mechanical weed control, log splitters and bio-shredders, the Zanon group makes innovative, price-competitive products of great quality and durability every year, with special attention to design and the use of the best paints.

Electronic System

The Electronic System division of the Zanon group deals mainly with the conception, design and manufacture of electronic equipment. In the olive harvesting sector, for example, Zanon has developed a high-performance battery-controlled harvester. Electrically-controlled agricultural solutions such as harvesters, shears, pruners, and tying machines make it possible to respect the environment by avoiding the use of gasoline or diesel fuel.

Laser Cutting

Zanon Laser Cutting, for over 20 years, has been engaged in laser cutting services complete with all final processing, including surface treatment, accommodating and satisfying the needs of its customers.

The company guarantees professional, quality service, on time and at very competitive prices compared to the industry average using the latest generation, innovative and newly installed equipment.

Our vision continues to be the same: aiming for constant improvement to become a global force.

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