Forestry cutting and chopping

Products for managing fallow land and wooded areas

Quality equipment and farm machinery that we carefully select so that we can safely tend uncultivated land and wooded areas.

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    All year round

Zanon provides quality equipment and carefully selected agricultural machinery to safely treat uncultivated land and forested areas.

Forest reclamation is defined as any intervention that involves the removal of existing tree and shrub vegetation aimed at activities other than forest management.

Reclamation of uncultivated land, forest and woodland, can sometimes turn into a difficult activity to perform if the right machinery is not available.

Forestry mulching machinery - Zanon

In this specific case, the right machinery to perform this type of operation is the forestry mulcher, which can clear even areas with very dense vegetation or unexpected obstacles. In order to avoid nasty surprises, it is very important to be equipped with reliable machinery made specifically to work in the most difficult conditions.

Mulchers are versatile agricultural machines that allow you to shred green waste, roots, branches, take care of the maintenance of agricultural land, clean up the banks of canals and rivers, clear forests and green areas, tidy up the green road surface.

The strength of these machines lies in their ability to cut very long fibrous stems with ease while processing woody material.

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