Forestry cutting and chopping

Products for managing fallow land and wooded areas

Maintenance of wooded areas

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Wooded and riverine areas are appreciable sources of natural resources, but to render optimally, they must be maintained in order to direct tree growth in a balanced and harmonious way. Maintenance activities allow valuable pellets and wood chips to be obtained for electricity and heat production and for composting purposes.

Maintenance of wooded areas with forestry equipment

Maintenance of forested areas includes a range of activities aimed at managing the cutting of trees in forested areas in order to maintain forests in a healthy and balanced condition.
are machines that allow for shredding grass, crushing shoots and prunings, working row crops, and tending wooded and pasture areas. Shredders allow the removal of brushwood, brambles, specimens of large vegetation so as to keep plant growth under control in places where it tends to continue undisturbed, generating piles of leaves, branches and brushwood.

Forestry mulchers are machines that make it possible to shred trees, branches and bushes even on stony ground. They are designed to remove bulky bodies from green areas in order to keep wooded areas tidy and manage their growth.
TN/DT Special
heavy-duty professional mulchers make it possible to create paths along plant-populated areas, prepare the soil bed for planting, clear burned areas, and remove overgrown shrubs.

Maintenance of fallow land with agricultural equipment

Meticulous care activities make it possible to transform wooden residues into valuable material to be reused for composting, energy supply, stimulating the fertility of environments and the orderly growth of tree stock. Reclamation activities make it possible to crush stones and rocky obstacles to create walkable paths, blunt excess branches and foliage to achieve the desired level of aesthetics and growth. In this way, normally uncultivated and abandoned land can be made productive resources for farming and ranching enterprises.
Professional landscaping and cleaning equipment allows you to shred brambles, shrubs, gorse and weeds with ease.

TMP semiforest mulchers are equipment that can be applied to medium- to high-power tractors, allowing them to clear away pruning remnants and low fronds to leave the land tidy and ready for cultivation.

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