Pneumatic harvesters are designed to ensure high harvesting capacity on all types of plants, even with fruits that are particularly resistant to detachment from the branch. The compressed air produced by a motor-compressor produces the movement of the combs that leads to the shaking of the plant. These are compressed air products that offer excellent performance even in the case of fruit that resist picking.

Pneumatic olive harvesters

Zanon pneumatic olive harvesters are extremely lightweight agricultural equipment for high harvesting that are definitely smooth-running and do not cause damage to plant branches.

These versatile and easy-to-handle olive harvesters offer appreciable vibration speed and are capable of operating through even the thickest branches.

Two different types of heads are available: from the vertical movement or from the opposed lateral movement, both equipped with very high-strength technopolymer rods. Lightweight and effective, pneumatic shakers are designed for durability.