What we believe in

Research and development

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do

For more than 50 years, we have continued to invest in R&D, entrusting our team of experts with the innovation of existing products and the development of new solutions so that they are increasingly efficient and able to meet customers' future expectations.

This is proven by the numerous patents in the field of agricultural and electronic machinery manufacturing.

+61 patents (between granted and under consideration)
  • Our process

    1- We bring needs into shape

  • Our process

    2- We study the best solution

  • Our process

    3- We develop the perfect prototype

Customer satisfaction also comes through continually listening to customers' needs combined with stimuli from the market. We know that every crop is different, which is why we design products that arise from real and experienced needs.

There is no guarantee without testing

We carry out constant and rigorous testing on our products in order to improve their performance and offer maximum durability in the field.

Their compliance with European standards is an essential aspect for us: testing begins during the development phase and continues during production to ensure an uncompromising result.

+15 tests in the production process

From generation to generation, we constantly strive to achieve the most ambitious goals and the highest quality levels.

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