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ZANON products are your partner in the care and maintenance of open fields and pastures.

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Zanon products are the solutions you need for the care and maintenance of open fields and pastures.

Natural mulching is a widely used agronomic technique to reduce the presence of weeds and reduce soil desiccation in hot weather. In its natural variant, in fact, it allows the soil to be shaded and prevents both the germination of weeds and the evaporation of water from the soil making it hard and inhospitable. Usually in agriculture, mulching is done using the chopped residue of the previously harvested crop.

The benefits of this technique have prompted many companies to invest in the treatment of crop residue. To meet this growing demand, especially from companies adhering to the organic production regime.

Agricultural soil equipment

Zanon offers a complete range of mowers that includes equipment for domestic and hobbyist to professional use. The models available are ideal for handling large-diameter crop residues on large areas, on areas that are not completely flat or in areas bordering canals or hillsides.

For example, harrows make it possible to effectively prepare the seedbed by breaking up clods and leveling the soil to facilitate fertilization and seeding.

With professional grass seeders, it is also possible to bury and cover seeds effectively in the case of soils with some cloudiness.

Wood chipping machines make it possible to chop woody residues into small scraps, a material that is highly valued in the production of pellets and plywood.

Stone buriers are agricultural machines perfect for working the soil by burying stones and preparing the seedbed.

Cutterheads mount on excavators and make it easy to work ditches, canals, as well as steeply sloping terrain.

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