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Care and maintenance of pastures with agricultural equipment

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Pastures and agricultural fields are areas whose productivity is closely related to the care with which they are managed and the use of appropriate equipment and machinery given the expected results. In the case of grazing lands, the operator is responsible for performing the first cut by mowing and hay removal, and then leaving the field free for animals to graze.

Agricultural soil equipment

Care and maintenance of open fields

Meticulous care of pasture areas makes it possible to keep the nutritional quality of grass high, avoid abandonment phenomena detrimental to livestock productivity, keep the proliferation of noxious weeds at bay, and generally ensure animal welfare.

Grassland maintenance involves carrying out a series of activities to prevent the grassland from falling into decay and to keep it welcoming to the animals that stay within it. Animals need hours of freedom in the open air and enough space to move around without constraint. Playing and grazing are healthy activities that are the basis of their well-being. Landscaping makes it possible to set up safe environments for animals and make full use of all available space.

Resowing allows the pasture to be renewed quickly so as to grow grasses that are palatable to animals. The best time for reseeding is from February to late April, then from August until late September.

However, the weeds present are likely to hinder the achievement of this purpose. It is therefore necessary to remove the crabgrass with a harrow or by spreading chemical herbicide and then mowing it short.

Using a seeder, the top layer of soil can be loosened to make the seeds go down deep and take root more easily. As soon as the new plants have grown enough, they are mowed to make them inviting to the animals that are to graze them.
Today, machines such as harrows are used that can simplify and speed up the process of preparing the soil for reseeding.


Harrows are machines that can effectively prepare the seedbed by breaking up clods and leveling even the hardest soils. ZRM power harrows are rugged and compact machines, perfect for seedbed preparation in dry soil conditions of medium density.

Stone buriers

Stone buriers are perfect agricultural machines for tilling the soil, burying stones and preparing the seedbed, even on previously untilled land.
ZSL interrasses
provide vital input to medium and large farms in treating those particularly tough soils. Excellent for burying pebbles, stones, woody residues and grass at once.

Care and maintenance of pastures with agricultural equipment

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