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We design and market pruning tools with advanced technologies that enable convenient and fast work without fatiguing the operator.

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Vine pruning is undoubtedly one of the most important practices in vineyard care, as it can have a decisive impact on the quality and quantity of grapes produced.
The main goal is to maintain a consistent production and, if done on a regular basis, it also helps to keep the plants healthy since leaves with good ventilation and sufficient sunlight are less prone to disease and infestation by various pests. Another key point is to make the cuts as cleanly as possible, which is why the tool should always be clean and sharp. Using poor pruning tools risks ruining hard work.
The vineyard has two pruning periods per year when different operations are carried out: winter (dry pruning: between November and March) and summer (green pruning: several times during the vegetative phase, between late spring and summer). While the former is the main intervention in most fruit trees, summer pruning is very important for vines.
Battery-powered pruning shears are handy and practical tools that can easily cut branches in olive and fruit-growing operations.

Electronic pruning tools: how they can benefit you

Among the main advantages offered by electronic pruning shears and battery-powered chain pruners are undoubtedly their lower weight compared to equivalent pneumatic or motor-powered tools, as well as the extreme maneuverability they allow their users. With very compact shapes, cutting power and low weight, electric pruning tools also offer great freedom of movement in the field. Since there are no cables or compressors to move, users are free to move about unimpeded, increasing productivity and efficiency. In addition, the low weight allows these tools to be used efficiently even in the case of large fruit trees or for overhead pruning operations.

Plug-in powered pruners are lightweight and compact tools that are ideal for quickly and accurately carrying out pruning operations on fruit trees and vineyards.Wireless chainsaws are the ideal solution for trimming small and medium-sized shrubs in areas where we may not need the power grid, all in the quietest possible way.

Professional pruning tools

The success of electronic pruning tools is also due to the advanced technology of the lithium-ion batteries that power them, which are increasingly high-performance and powerful, but also capable of offering a far longer working range than in the past. Battery power also provides a green alternative for those looking for tools that are more sustainable, both environmentally and in terms of operator health. Economically, electronic pruning equipment allows for quick payback on initial investments due to the lower cost, increased productivity, and also the low maintenance requirements and robustness of these products.

The PRO electronic line products are designed to meet the expectations of professional workers who need powerful and durable tools that can cope with intensive pruning operations.
The WIRELESS electronic line range, on the other hand, is complementary to the PRO but is designed to provide compact, high-performance tools to all those who prune at a hobbyist or semi-professional level. Powering this extensive product line are plug-in lithium-ion batteries that are powerful, lightweight and interchangeable, designed to provide high autonomy for operators and to be used on various power tools in this line.

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