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Products for vineyard and orchard care

ZANON products are a guarantee for the care and maintenance of vineyards and orchards.

The current management of vineyards and orchards and the preparation of plants for planting often involves working on very difficult soils, with uneven substrates and sometimes very rocky or rocky outcrops. In this case, in order to achieve fruitful and smooth work, it is necessary to have machines designed for the most challenging conditions. Taking care of one's land and keeping it in good biological, physical and chemical condition is essential: the environmental and economic sustainability of the land itself depends on the practices of aeration, weeding, baling, regeneration and seeding. All of these methods ensure that the physical fertility of the soil is maintained and benefit the balance of the vineyard and orchard ecosystem.

We have always taken a biological-mechanical approach to soil care because we believe that focusing on soil health is the first step toward a quality product. This method involves meticulous and constant work between stumps and rows and does not use herbicides and other chemicals.
In fact, the agricultural machinery we deal with and the areas in which we specialize cover biological and mechanical weeding as well as soil care and management through suitable practices and machinery to protect the soil ecosystem itself.
Biological and mechanical weeding are popular modern practices involving the control of weed growth through the use of agricultural machinery designed to cut grass between stumps, trees and rows without damaging their stems, maintaining turf between rows and without affecting fruit and grape yields, thus improving the environmental conditions of the row itself.

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