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Taking care of the condition of the soil and keeping it in good biological, physical and chemical condition is essential. The environmental and economic sustainability of vineyards and orchards depends on the practices of aeration, weeding, pressing, regeneration and seeding. All of these methods ensure that physical soil fertility is maintained and benefit the balance of the vineyard and orchard ecosystem.
Organic weeding
and mechanical weeding are popular modern practices involving the control of weed growth through the use of agricultural machinery designed to cut grass between vines, trees and rows without damaging the stems, maintaining turf between rows and without affecting fruit and grape yields, thus improving the environmental conditions of the row itself.

Vineyard care and maintenance with agricultural equipment

Vineyard and inter-row tillage equipment are reliable and professional machines designed to meet the most common needs of grape growers while reducing environmental impact as much as possible.
Orchard cultivators
make it easier to till the soil, to decompact and drain even the most hidden layers, as well as to aerate the most superficial layers.
Inter-row machines make it possible to work row or canopy plantations and reduce the hoeing under shrubs that has to be done by hand.

During the spring season, dried vines are replaced with lush new specimens. Pits must then be prepared in which to deposit the seedlings at a maximum depth of 20 cm so that they receive good sunlight. To ensure that the vineyard is successful, spulera must be practiced to remove weed shoots through mowers.

Vineyard management and plant preparation often involves working on very difficult soils with uneven substrates and sometimes very rocky or boulder outcrops. In this case, in order to achieve profitable results, it is necessary to have machines designed for the most complex conditions.

Orchard care and maintenance with agricultural machinery

Mechanical weeders make it possible to weed the soil in an environmentally sustainable way quickly and effectively.
Tool carriers
are designed to make vineyard and orchard management easier and more convenient. These machines offer the ability to use a variety of specialized tools for inter-row cleaning and tilling around the trunk of plants.


Mulchers are used to chop up cut vine shoots and pruning remains, and to slash grass in the inter-rows.
TFZ mulchers
allow excess vegetation to be removed even in difficult-to-work terrain situations, resulting in increased production.

Vineyard care and maintenance with agricultural equipment

A common operation to be carried out to increase orchard yield is suckering, the removal of shoots that do not produce grapes but stunt the growth of lush ones. This allows the development of the vineyard to be directed in the desired direction.

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