Wood residue shredding

Products for chipping and disposal of wood waste

Our high-performance solutions, particularly suitable for shredding, defibering and refining organic and woody residues.

Wood chips are one of the many forms in which wood can be processed. In fact, through the process of "chipping," wood is mechanically shredded into "chips," which are small pieces of wood. Today, wood waste obtained from rural and/or forestry processing is a source of income for agricultural entrepreneurs. In fact, thanks to the availability of renewable energy, even small farms have the opportunity to use wood waste from which, in fact, wood chips can be made, which is a product in high demand in the market to produce pellets and plywood.

In addition, chipping is closely related to agribusiness as it is carried out during the winter, when most agricultural work ceases. Having a chipper or shredder (from which compost generated from branches, sterile wood, or grass clippings is also obtained) can be very useful at this time of year, as it allows the farm to continue contracting instead of temporarily stopping work.

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