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Wood residue shredding and shredding

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Wood is an important material that, even when shredded, can still prove valuable for composting, energy production, and the manufacture of new products. Shredded organic material can be reintroduced into the soil and become part of the natural cycle again, feeding the growth of new plants.

Shredding wood and brushwood with agricultural machinery

Green areas may be overgrown with plants, the residues of which, left to their own devices, deprive shrubs of space to grow lushly and obstruct the passage of people. Wood shredding residues are not waste without value, as much as important material that can be recycled and enhanced, including economically.
Wood waste
can be reduced into wood chips and then used as biomass feedstock. Wood chips can be used to generate biogas, in combustion plants, as raw material for wood stoves. Tree and hedge trimmings can be composted and the result give rise to an excellent fertilizer.

Zanon wood chippers make it possible to shred branches, leaves and plant residues, reducing their volume by 5 or 6 times, so as to obtain organic material suitable for fertilizing soils.
Bio 10-B wood chipper
allow processing of bulky fronds and twigs reducing branches and shrub remains into fine material suitable for composting.

Wood waste refining with agricultural equipment

Wood chips are one of the many forms in which wood can be processed. In fact, through the process of "chipping," wood is mechanically shredded into "chips," which are small pieces of wood. Today, wood waste obtained from rural and/or forestry processing is a source of income for agricultural entrepreneurs. In fact, thanks to the availability of renewable energy, even small farms have the opportunity to use wood waste from which, precisely, wood chips can be made, which is a product in high demand in the market to produce pellets and plywood. In addition, chipping is closely related to agribusiness as it is carried out during the winter when most agricultural work ceases.

Wood chippers such as the Bio 160-T allow wood residues to be shredded into small scraps, a material highly valued in the production of pellets and plywood.
Zanon bio shredders such as the BC 90-S allow branches and woody residues to be easily shredded into material useful as fuel or for mulching.

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