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Today, thanks in part to the growing ecological consciousness of the community, green spaces are considered a real asset to be preserved and maintained to the best of our ability.

The maintenance of residential, commercial green areas or those used for outdoor activities or sports is an area in which it is possible to find a multitude of equipment and different solutions on the market from a technical point of view. Thanks to almost 60 years of experience in the field, Zanon is able to offer the most suitable equipment for these purposes, you just need to choose the product that best suits your needs.

Each type of intervention is specific to the environment in which it is carried out and there are two macro-categories of "green": horizontal green and vertical green.

Green care equipment is designed to solve the most common grass cutting and mowing needs.

Green cutting and maintenance equipment

We talk about horizontal greenery when we mean parks, gardens, sports fields or golf courses. In these particularly extensive locations, grass cutting and mowing operations must be frequently performed with special equipment that is sturdy enough to allow prolonged use, but at the same time delicate enough to avoid ruining the turf or soil. There are different cutting techniques that vary depending on the height of the grass and the degree of soil moisture.

Vertical greenery, on the other hand, encompasses elements such as trees, roadside trees, hedges, and shrubs.

In these cases we speak more specifically of "pruning" since we are dealing with wooden elements that require more powerful and durable green care machines and equipment. Indeed, it is essential that they can chop and shred wood without causing harm to the operators and without wearing out quickly. Pruning is defined as aerial in case it is necessary to reach the highest branches with the help of telescopic or extendable poles.

Professional landscaping tools enable time-saving mowing and maintenance operations while improving results.

Rotary mowers are professional equipment that can efficiently mow grass to feed animals.

Rear mulchers are professional equipment that can easily cut brambles, shrubs, grass, ideal for treating uncultivated lawns, orchards, vineyards and large areas in a short time.

Electronic battery-powered brush cutters are lightweight and easy-to-handle tools that can cut thick grass, treat weeds and shrubs intuitively to meet the most common green maintenance needs.

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