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When you stop taking care of the green area, plants tend to grow back, losing all semblance of order. Grass can become too tall and delay the sprouting of new vegetation. Therefore, attention should be paid to tree development in parks, gardens and municipal green areas so that prompt action can be taken to preserve their value.

Lawns are managed
by mowing and haying. This practice involves cutting grass at the same height and at the same time. In fact, the more time you allow between mowing, the more plant species will have a chance to grow, and thus you will lose control over the composition of the lawn.

Care and maintenance of green areas with machines

Grass mowing and pruning are intended to keep the proliferation of plants in city parks and gardens under control, so as to avoid risks to those who frequent them and increase the value of the tree stock in them.

Maintenance of city green areas includes the activities of pruning shrubs and hedges, cutting back vegetation that tends to overgrow, mowing grass, and weeding. This keeps parks and gardens looking inviting, removes unwelcome weeds, facilitates decomposition, and reduces the proliferation of insects and fungi.

Care and maintenance of municipal green areas with machines

Effective landscaping requires carrying out environmentally friendly activities such as mulching to improve livability. This procedure turns plant residues into fertilizing material for the soil while reducing moisture loss. Mulching must be done frequently so that the grass does not have time to grow enough; this will prevent too much of the produced plant mass to be distributed in the area.
This also allows the use of smaller, lower-powered machinery to adequately treat the remaining greenery.
Alternatively, grass can be harvested in order to leave green areas more visually uncluttered and reduce the risk of the spread of pests from the remaining plant remains.

Thanks to landscaping machines, it is possible to easily and quickly cut and stack brambles, woody remnants, branches, all those plant elements that lower the value of city parks and make them difficult to traverse. Brambles are lush shrubs that tend to grow pronouncedly in sunny conditions: if left to grow unchecked they stifle the growth of other plants. For this reason, periodic maintenance with the appropriate equipment is necessary to prevent the tree stock from growing out of control.

Cordless brushcutters

Cordless brushcutters are the right ally for landscaping, excellent allies for dealing with the pitfalls of a lawn attacked by weeds or overrun by messy plants. The DCS 330 is an ideal lightweight and flexible unit: its loop handle ensures excellent handling and balanced use.

Professional mowers

Professional mowers make it possible to take care of turf even when working conditions are not the most inviting.
double blade lawn mowers are hardened steel cutting tools that make lawn care a relaxing and inviting task!

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