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Urban and river green area maintenance

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Maintenance of canals, roads, railways, and public gardens can be carried out with innovative and reliable machinery that can work in a wide range of conditions and have a sensitive effect on the surrounding ecosystem.
Careful maintenance of greenery at roads
, railways and waterways is carried out through the use of mechanical means and omitting, as far as possible, chemical products, which are more deleterious to the environment and less long-lasting in their effects. In this way, it is possible to preserve the well-being of the species living in such ecosystems, make the air and water healthier, and achieve longer-lasting effects without negatively impacting the environment.

Care and maintenance of urban greenery of the road surface

Street greenery is an important element supporting the quality of the environment, affecting dust retention, microclimate influences, and surrounding shading. Examples of roadside greenery include flower beds surrounding pedestrian walkable areas and embankments flanking roads in trenches. The plants that comprise it also have an influence on the surrounding environment, especially at the level of attracting or warding off animals.

Whether it is a small county road or a highway, the road surface is almost always characterized by the presence of more or less lush vegetation along the edges of the roadway. These green corridors not only have an aesthetic function, but also have the important task of reducing the environmental impact caused by the exhaust fumes of the vehicles that travel them.

They also constitute, as in the case of ditches, embankments and embankments, small ecosystems that serve as ideal habitats for the growth of plants, insects and small animals, helping to preserve biodiversity as well as maintain the landscape value of the area.

The off-set mulcher makes it possible to perform roadside cleaning. Thanks to this machinery, excess vegetation that could obstruct drivers' visibility or make it difficult for pedestrians to pass can be removed. In this way, it helps to ensure road safety and maintain the pleasant appearance of the road.

Care and maintenance of roadside greenery

To ensure passenger safety and that visibility and grip conditions remain consistent over time, it is important to keep the roadside clean and mowed. For the same reason, it is essential to care for embankments so as to curb phenomena such as erosion and flaking that could jeopardize the safety of motorists.

Green areas adjacent
to areas intended for the passage of pedestrians and vehicles make it possible to reduce the heat island, the thickening of temperatures higher than those found outside city centers. They help manage stormwater efficiently, make the streetscape more aesthetically relaxing, help lower temperatures in the summer months, and improve traffic flow in the city.

Taking care of the road surface requires various activities such as grass mowing, pruning, trimming, and shredding where wooden elements are present. Reasoned maintenance aims to preserve the factors of ecosystem biodiversity in relation to the characteristics of production and housing centers in the vicinity. In this way, it is possible to preserve the biological richness that subsists around the roadside, ensuring the existence of the conditions necessary for the environment to proliferate.

Mowers are tools for power tillers that make it possible to take care of turf even in arduous working conditions.
ZRA double-blade lawn mowers
are professional machines with swivel and height-adjustable wheels that are versatile and practical in use!

Green care and maintenance around the tracks

Because the rail network is spread throughout the country, it is important to carefully maintain and protect individual lines so as not to cause safety problems for passengers or the vehicles themselves.
In this regard, the care of greenery along railroad tracks is essential to prevent the risk of fire or malfunction, to ensure proper visibility, and to reduce the risk of plants or trees falling onto the line.
Green areas
surrounding the tracks are a valuable source of biodiversity: they can host species that do not normally live in the city and expand the city's ecological flora and fauna. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve them and at the same time ensure that they do not overgrow by hindering nearby transportation.

Grass mowers are excellent turf maintenance equipment that are practical and intuitive to use.
Falk single and double-blade shredders
are efficient and reliable devices for grass cutting and turf care.

Care and maintenance of vegetation along rivers

The maintenance of vegetation along water lines or reservoirs such as canals, rivers, or lakes often requires operators in the field to work under challenging conditions. Employing professional-quality machines can help achieve better and more consistent effects. That is why it is essential to have equipment that can work tirelessly in the most difficult and challenging conditions to achieve the conditions to maintain sustainable greenery.

Front-mounted mulchers
, which are compact and lightweight for attachment to tractors, enable the removal of reeds, shrubs, weeds, and bushes for riverbank maintenance. Side-mounted mulchers make it possible to remove weeds effectively in those situations where a standard mulcher is not sufficient and is needed operating outside the tractor.

Mulchers are advantageous tools for keeping plant growth under control in areas affected by human passage.
multi-purpose mulchers make it possible to remove noxious weeds and out-of-control growth from roadside verges

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