Products for the maintenance of municipalities

A range of tools for maintaining canals, roads, railways and public gardens with innovative and reliable machinery that enables work in a wide variety of conditions.

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Zanon provides a range of tools to take care of the maintenance of canals, roads, railways and public gardens with innovative and reliable machinery that allows working in the most diverse conditions.

A judicious maintenance of greenery at roads, railways and waterways is achieved through the intervention of mechanical means and omitting, as far as possible, chemical products.

Tools for green road maintenance

Whether it is a small provincial road or a highway, the road surface is almost always characterized by the presence of more or less lush vegetation along the edges of the roadway. These green corridors not only have an aesthetic function, but also have the important task of reducing the environmental impact caused by the exhaust fumes of the vehicles that travel them. They are also, as in the case of ditches, embankments and embankments, small ecosystems that serve as ideal habitats for the growth of plants, insects and small animals, helping to preserve biodiversity as well as maintain the landscape value of the area.

To ensure the safety of passengers and that visibility and grip conditions remain constant over time, it is important to keep the roadside clean and mowed. Also for the same reason, it is essential to take care of the embankments so as to curb phenomena such as erosion and flaking that could endanger the safety of motorists.

There are several techniques for taking care of the road surface, starting from mowing grass to mulching where there are wooden elements.

Vegetation maintenance tools

The maintenance of vegetation in the presence of water lines or reservoirs such as canals, rivers or lakes, often requires operators in the field to work in challenging conditions. In these environments, it is clear that in addition to operational skills, the quality and reliability of the machines used can also have an impact on achieving good job profitability. That is why it is essential to have equipment capable of working relentlessly in the most difficult and demanding conditions.

Front-mounted mulchers, which are compact and lightweight for attachment to tractors, enable the removal of reeds, shrubs, and bushes for maintenance of riverbanks, ditch banks, and roadsides. Side mulchers allow effective removal of weeds in those situations where a standard mulcher is not sufficient and is needed operating outside the tractor. Straw mulchers make it easy to shred straw, shoots, corn stalks, pruning remains, stubble, weeds, and any organic elements in the way of fruit and vegetable crops.

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