Olive groves

Products for processing olive groves

From tillage machines to those for facilitated or mechanized harvesting; products and solutions that optimize work time, suitable for various types of planting.

Proper cultivation of olives for oil involves specific equipment to manage the plant (harvesters, defoliators) and adequate fertilizer to provide nutrients and defenses against diseases and insects. All to bring quality oils to the table every day. Whether in classic olive groves (growing large trees) or managing modern olive groves at high or very high densities, the introduction of mechanization and facilitation in the day-to-day management of an olive grove can increase its productivity and, in most cases, reduce the use of labor and reduce related costs.

From tillage equipment, especially in those conditions where surface manipulation is preferred over lawn maintenance, which can be selected not only on the basis of performance, but also for versatility of use and ability to operate in unfavorable conditions (e.g., slopes and terracing). To tools for olive harvesting and pruning, where in a short time there is a shift from pneumatic-type equipment to electronic, battery-powered tools that allow greater freedom and flexibility for the operator in the field, as well as improved comfort. Work in the olive grove does not end with pruning in order to manage the canopy: in fact, specific machines are needed to chop the shoots.

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