Pre- and after-sales support

Activate your warranty

Zanon guarantees its products for a period of 12/24 months from the date of serial number registration. The activation request must be completed in its entirety within 8 days from the date of purchase (the fiscal document of delivery is the proof). Follow the instructions for registering a Zanon product serial number: the procedure differs for private and dealer purchases.

By registering the serial number of your products and consequently activating the warranty you will always get the most from our service!

We continue to take care of our products even after your purchase. In fact, warranty activation allows us to offer you direct, complementary and tailored support for your product. We will always be there to help you, even after the warranty period is over.

What does the warranty offer?

Demonstration videos and helpful tips
To help you get the most out of your product. Quick and easy.
Including tailored reminders to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your machine.

Free spare parts
Spare parts or repairs at no extra cost during the warranty period.

    A few simple steps separate you from registering your serial number and activating your warranty

    Activate the warranty
    • 1. Type in the address on the coupon ( or click on the button below
    • 2. Type in the credentials provided on the coupon (username: guest - password: guestuser)
    • 3. Type in the serial number of the product you purchased
    • 4. Enter your email and the date of purchase of the Zanon product
    • 5. Upload a photo of your receipt and click "Activate" to confirm registration

    Do you need information? Write us a message with your request.