TFA Mulcher medium duty
with rounded right side


The TFA mulcher is ideal for mulching twigs, grass, brushwood, hay and more besides. It boasts a robust steel frame with rounded side panels, no sharp edges and no moving external parts. It can therefore be used right up to crops and trees without causing damage.

– Gearbox with freewheel clutch PTO 1 3/8” Z6
– Rotor with helical cutting system
– Side shift on chrome bars
– Mechanical side shift
– Double row counter-blades
– Height-adjustable skids
– Right side rounded shoulder
– Rear levelling roller height adjustable (194 mm)
– Scraper for rear levelling roller
– Discharge of the material over the levelling roller
– Opening hood (for inspection only)
– Front protection with metal flaps
– Protective equipment as per EC safety rules

– PTO shaft T-40
– PTO shaft T-50
– PTO shaft T-60
– Hydraulic side shift 30 cm
– Hydraulic side shift 40 cm
– Twig rakes
– Rear rubber steering wheels kit
– Fixed steel front wheels
– Front anti-wear plate TFA 1300
– Front anti-wear plate TFA 1400
– Front anti-wear plate TFA 1600
– Front anti-wear plate TFA 1800
– Front anti-wear plate TFA 2000
– Front anti-wear plate TFA 2200