FALK Distruggierba

The all-steel FALK shredder comes in single and double disk versions and adapts easily to all models of cultivator. The FALK shredder is ideal for ground maintenance work between row crops.  It incorporates adjustable slides for setting the perfect height for shredding even over nylon ground coverings, with no risk of breakage. It features an oil bath gearbox with ball bearings for improved efficiency compared to conventional shredders. The FALK comes in a number of versions  that differ in power, mowing diameter, the number of blades, size and weight.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Oil bath gearbox in tempered steel with freewheel and safety key; complete, adjustable, pivoting cultivator attachment; interchangeable tempered steel cutter.

NOTE: Always specify the model of cultivator to which the shredder will be attached.