Power harrows are robust and reliable machines designed to intuitively and easily carry out soil tillage. Rotary harrows, unlike conventional ones, perform the task by means of a mechanical movement extended by the tractor's PTO.

The ZANON range of power harrows facilitate seedbed preparation, a basic prerequisite for uniform germination and plant development. They are highly valued because of their benefits on crops: in fact, they do not act by inverting soil layers, but they protect the soil composition and facilitate its biodiversity.

Power harrows - Zanon

The work of refining, leveling and compacting soil carried out by Zanon power harrows is the key to maximize the productivity of your crops. The wide choice of rear rollers allows you to adopt the most suitable farm equipment for the specific type of soil work you intend to do. Harrows can be used in conjunction with seed drills to perform tillage and seeding of the soil at once to avoid over-compacting the field.