Forestry mulchers are used for shredding trees, bushes, clippings and brushwood piles. The TF/DT Special professional mulcher with moving tool rotor can shred logs and shrubs up to 40 cm in diameter, thanks to its large rotor and double sheet metal frame. The compact forestry mulchers allow shredding bushes, trees and brushwood up to 20 cm in diameter, even on soils where there are stones.

Professional forestry mulchers - Zanon

Forestry mulching machines are designed to adapt to many applications: maintaining agricultural land in general; carrying out maintenance work on green areas and undergrowth in general; maintaining natural areas, parks and pastures; clearing forest floor of flammable plant material; and shredding prunings and green waste.
Excellent machinery for shredding branches, pruning remains for orchards, shrubs, bushes, trees.