Pruning sweep for vinyards and orchards

    Technical datasheet

    AND is the perfect tool for gathering branches cut from the plants during pruning and for collecting them toward the center of the row, ensuring a precise and accurate cleaning of the under-row.

    Available in single or double versions, it is fixed in a frontal position complete with two arms with nylon elements that make up the brush group (ø8 mm). The adjustable height of the arms and inclination of the nylon elements allows the use of AND even when there are fruits hanging along with the crop without the risk of damaging them.

    • Standard equipment
      • 3-point linkage cat. II
      • Electrohydraulic controls
      • Multifunction Joystick
      • Rotor speed adjustment directly from the tractor
      • Mechanical extension of the arms
      • Nylon brush kit
      • Protective equipment as per EC safety rules
    Fields of application