Hydraulic vertical log splitter

  • It cuts logs of max. ø 100cm

  • It cuts logs with a maximum height of 110cm

  • Equipped with double worktop

  • Equipped with log lifter as standard

  • Designed for professional and open country use

Technical datasheet

The SVI-20 log splitter has an 20 ton thrust and can split logs of various sizes, up to 110 cm in height.

The SVI-Heavy line is for professional use and comes with a 1050 mm. It is equipped with automatic adjustable “end-of-stroke control” system, and special safety devices that protect the user.

  • Standard equipment
    • Oil-bath gearbox
    • Pump with considerable flow rate
    • Hydraulic distributor with flow rate of 40 l/min. with automatic valve return
    • Quick speed to reach the log
    • Mechanical side wood-loader
    • Removable working table and side support
  • On request
    • Cross wedge
Fields of application