DMI Inter-row weeder for flail mower


The mechanical inter-row unit DMI for weeding control is an accessory attachable to some Zanon’s flails mowers, designed to clean the base of stems or poles, without damaging the plants. The machine is composed of an independent tank that feeds a double pump for the management of the rotor hydraulic motor and for the movements of the working axis. The rotor can be adjusted in height, inclination and side-shift allowing maximum flexibility in the working phase. Nylon stripes are well tight to the rotor and they can also be easily adjusted or replaced according to the need

– Independent 40 liters tank
– Double filtering system
– Pump connection kit
– Hydraulic fittings with quick release connections for a quick removal of the machine
– Heat exchanger kit
– Working positions managed directly by the tractor using a removable multifunction joystick
– Multifunction Joystick
● Engine revolutions adjustment
● Electronically managed distribution block
● On-off switching
● 1 set of pre-installed wires
● Protective equipment as per EC safety rules