Zanon Group: expertise, research and innovation in continuous growth

Global Markets

Italy and Europe are markets where Zanon Group can offer a strong and wide distribution network. Moreover, the Group aims to expand in new markets, seeking business opportunities worldwide. For this reason, the company is tailoring its range of products to meet customers’ needs all around the world. Next steps in the company strategy to expand are USA and Russian Federation.


Excellence & Quality

Zanon Group agricultural machines are designed to be long lasting. One of the company’s main goal is to deliver high quality and high reliability products to satisfy the needs of end customers. Zanon Group invests consistently in R&D and can count on expert developers to create products more and more efficent and innovative.

Innovation & Research

Zanon Group has been focusing on innovation and technological advancement since the beginning of its manufacturing activities. The Group has an outstanding business expertise and has always shown its ability to innovate. In fact, the Group owns a great number of International Patents in the farming and gardening industries.

Our History

Zanon’s history dates back to 1964. The founder, Olivio Zanon, worked for a long time in local agricultural machineries companies. After having gathered enough expertise, he decided to start its own business. Olivio began his business activities in a small workshop attached to his house, as it was common at that time. Little by little, Olivio managed to grow its business activities and created the foundation on which Zanon Group developed and grew.

Zanon Group is still nowadays a family owned company. The family is unite and solid and transmits expertise, dedication and passion to company’s employees. Olivio’s children have followed the founder’s path. Ivano, Mario, Franco e Paola work hard to make it possible for the Group to grow and expand.

50 years after Olivio’s decision to start its own business, the company is strong and confident about its capabilities. The third generation of Zanon’s family is composed by Filippo, Elena, Jessica, Giada and Niccolo’. Olivio’s nephews share the same values of their grandfather, giving stability to the future of the Group.

Our numbers


The year the Company was founded

60 countries

Presence around the world

110 (in Italy)



Annual production

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Our Mission and Values

Zanon Group has gained the trust of its customers thanks to its modern, dynamic and customer oriented culture.

The Group’s mission is to offer to the end user a complete portfolio of agricultural machineries, pneumatic, electronic and electrical equipments that have reached top-notch quality standards.

Zanon Group is among the leaders of its industry in Italy and worldwide thanks to its well known quality standards.

The direction for the future is marked by a quest for innovation. Zanon Group goal is to deliver products that can satisfy a demanding customer base. Our customers are not interested only in quality, they also demand constant innovation. Zanon Group succeds since 50 years in satisfying their needs.