BC 60-T

BC 60-T

Tractor wood chipper

  • It can be used with tractors from 20-50HP

  • Easy to handle

  • It shreds various types of branches, brushwood and pruning debris of max. ø 7cm

  • Oversized hopper

  • Discharge pipe at 82cm from the ground

  • Suitable for semi-professional use

Technical datasheet

The BC 60-T wood chipper allows shredding different types of material such as brushwood, dry residue and foliage, reducing the volume of waste by 5/6 times.

  • Standard equipment
    • Professional cutting system with steel blades of the highest quality
    • 3-point rear linkage category I-II
    • Imperforable wheels
    • Sieve of adjustable refining
    • Adjustable discharge
    • Counterblade with 4 repositionable cutting edges
    • Belt transmission
    • Protective equipment as per EC safety rules

Tech specs

MODEL HP MAX CUTTING DIAMETER HOURLY PRODUCTION ROTOR REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE product.specs.coltelliBio product.specs.lamaBio product.specs.controlamaBio MACHINE SIZE WEIGHT
BC 60-T
20 - 50 CV
7 CM
4 - 5 M3/H
2850 RPM/MIN
10 product.specs.coltelliBio
2 product.specs.lamaBio
2 product.specs.controlamaBio
70×140×120 CM
125 KG

Download datasheet for more informations.

Technical datasheet