TRE-PRO Mulcher heavy duty with lateral movement

The TRE-PRO mulcher is thought for mulching twigs, maize, grass, hay, tobacco, artichokes, beet, cotton, and more besides. The TRE-PRO mulcher features an extended lateral movement that allows it to work to the side of the tractor, simplifying mulching operations on thick vegetation that might otherwise be difficult to reach. It boasts a robust steel frame and an electronically balanced rotor mounted on fully enclosed, self-aligning bearings. The belt transmission is driven by an oil bath bevel gearbox with freewheel.


Hammers or blades; Blade; counterblades; height adjustable mounting slides; CE standard safety devices; self-cleaning levelling roller with rapid hight adjustment; adjustable belt tensioner; hydraulic lateral movement; oil bath gearbox with freewheel; reinforced rotor; selflevelling twig rakes; protective chains.


PTO shaft; front and rear wheel kit, inter-row disc.