Multifunction battery DRIVE 1450.S –
1650.S – 1850.S – 2004.S


Powerful high-performance lithium-ion batteries equipped with an intelligent communication system that recognizes the connected tool.
A multi-function and easily legible graphic display to display operational functions, error alarms and battery charge level. The light and comfortable backpack, equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, allows an equal weight distribution and excellent ergonomics ensuring maximum freedom of movement.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL battery, works with all ZANON ELECTRONIC SYSTEM electronic tools
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sustainable economy with a quick return on investment compared to heat engine tools
  • Battery with controlled charging system that guarantees a long life of the cells
  • Efficient CAN-BUS interface for various communication and diagnostic functions
  • Reversible battery for right-handed or left-handed users
  • Autonomy to complete an entire working day
  • High performance cylindrical lithium-ion cells


  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Zero noise pollution
  • Recyclable up to 70%