GOLD backpack


Lightweight red backpack with black borders, to comfortably carry DRIVE.S series batteries.
The backpack is made of waterproof nylon fabric with characteristics of strength and scratch resistance.
The battery attachment is made of a flexible, ventilated and lightweight viscoelastic material that protects both the back from falls and the battery from shocks. It is attached to the backpack with a central pivoting pin that rotates to distribute the weight of the battery’s movements evenly over the shoulders and back.
The feeling that the backpack gives once worn is of safety without being invasive.
In addition to carrying the battery, it offers plenty of space for personal items, thanks to the zipped side pocket.

– Height-adjustable backpack harness
– Adaptable to all portable DRIVE.S 1450 and higher batteries
– Waterproof nylon material
– Ergonomic backrest for optimal ventilation
– Central tilting battery holder
– Anatomic padded shoulder straps
– Lumbar belt with storage pocket
– Removable rain cover

– DRIVE 1450.S Li-Ion battery
– DRIVE 1650.S Li-Ion battery
– DRIVE 18504.S Li-Ion battery
– DRIVE 2004.S Li-Ion battery