Electronic tying machine ZL 600.S


The electronic tying ZL 600.S allows you to tie any type of plant or branch, thanks to three tying positions. The tying speed of over 60 ties per minute makes this electronic tying five times faster than manual tying, with a consequent reduction in labour and relative costs. It has been designed for use in all climatic conditions, in temperature ranges down to -8 °C, and suitable for pruning in vineyards, orchards and other crops such as kiwis and tomatoes.
Its ergonomic shape has been specially designed so that the centre of gravity is located in the grip, thereby avoiding any unpleasant muscular or skeletal pain for user, such as tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, as can often occur when tying manually. The machine works thanks to a powerful battery that enables autonomous work for an entire day or up to 13,000 ties.