ZRA double blade lawn mower

The ZRA is a professional mower for the care and maintenance of lawns in parks and gardens. The ZRA comes complete with castoring wheels with pneumatic tyres and a double height adjustment system that ensures a perfect, uniform cut. The ZRA is ideal for use on all kinds of terrain, including small and large areas, flat, sloping or even rough surfaces, and guarantees user safety, comfort and efficiency. It features an oil bath gearbox with freewheel and safety key for efficient operation under even the most challenging conditions. The ZRA comes in a number of versions that differ in power, mowing diameter, size and weight.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Height-adjustable castoring wheels with pneumatic tyres; oil bath gearbox in tempered steel with freewheel and safety key; complete, adjustable, pivoting cultivator attachment; interchangeable tempered steel cutter.

NOTE: Always specify the model of cultivator to which the mower will be attached, and the direction of the PTO rotation.