TDR Mower reversible

The TDR reversible flail mower is an innovative machine designed to be applied to tractors between 40 and 150 HP, both frontally and rear. Designed with central transmission and two centrally superimposed rotors, it is mainly used on vineyards, nurseries and horticulture. Thanks to the lowered sides it allows to chop even under crops with basee fronds without denting the fruits or breaking the branches. It is ideal for shredding prunings, grass and much more. It is equipped with a sturdy steel structure, two electronically balanced rotors mounted on perfectly protected self-centering bearings, a double belt transmission controlled by a conical oil bath pair. It is possible to mount either Y-shaped knives or mallets, depending on the work requirements. The machine is available with a PTO input of 540 or 1000 RPM. you must specify during the order.