TCK mulcher for vineyards and orchards, with hydraulically powered pick-up roller

The new TCK mulcher is designed to shred pruning waste of up to 6 cm in diameter. The TCK incorporates a pick-up roller that feeds waste material into the shredding drum where a powerful rotor performs precision shredding. Shredded material is discharged through a grille with holes calibrated to ensure uniform shredding. The TCK is ideal for use on all kinds of terrain, including cultivated, fallow, rough and stony ground. The mulching rotor is only available with hammers.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Hammers; hydraulically powered pick-up roller; hydraulic pick-up drive with speed control; over-pressure safety valve; discharge grill with calibrated holes; height-adjustable skids; double PTO guard.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: PTO shaft; pick-up roller teeth; pick-up roller tooth supports; steering wheels.