Olivar Electric applies the technology of a traditional beating system to a new machine that boasts all the advantages of the original product Mambo Karbonium. Gear transmission in special steel in sealed enclosure, lubricated and mounted in bearings and Ergal support to guarantee perfect and durable transmission over time 500W motor, rakes with xed loboidal oset spokes and technopolymer shell structure are just some of the features that make this an unrivalled product. Olivar Electric is equipped with a 12 metre cable with 12 V battery connector terminals, while a new battery kit is also available on request.

  • High power motor
  • Technopolymer and carbon bre structure
  • 12 V battery operation
  • Telescopic extension rod with anti-rotation and quick release system
  • Backpack battery set 20 Ah or 12 metre cable
  • Waterproof switch