Murcielago R Telescopic

The new “MURCIELAGO R” shaker rake, thanks to the continuos researches, have unique technical features, such us low vibration, high harvesting capacity, lower level of sound and minimal damage to the plants. “MURCIELAGO R” manufactured in ergal, aluminium and technopolymer, have a new sealed transmission, with lubricated gears built in a special steal alloy with sealed bearing. 600W high performance brushless electric motor. Interchangeable prongs built in carbon ber with 4,5mm of diemeter. All the mentioned features guarantee a long lifetime, which results in low maintenance. The MURCIELAGO R shaker is operated with the new multi-functional DRIVE battery as standard. The DRIVE.S battery have a new electronic and the ZANON unique ACTIVE charging system, ensuring optimal performance during its life time.

  • New BRUSHLESS electric motor 600 W
  • Resistant prongs manufactured in carbon ber, diameter 4,5mm
  • Technopolymer and carbon bre structure
  • Operated with the new multi-function DRIVE.S battery
  • Zanon patented battery recognition
  • Telescopic aluminium pole, with anti-rotation and quick release system