Karbonium Evo Telescopic

The new beater “Karbonium Evo” is a new beginning on olives harvesting. Designed with oscillations at high frequency, its concept comes from the harmony of a bat on a hunting fly, whose qualities perform on this beater by incomparable lightness, quick movement, speed and silence.
Karbonium Evo’s transmission is insered into a blinded box, where its lubricated gears, made of high resistant steel, are mounted on bearings. A sturdy “Ergal” frame assures the perfect protection on the whole movement and a long life of the beater. A high power motor of 500 W, carbon-fiber fingers, the
“Ergal” frame additionally protected by techno-polimer and carbon-fiber bodies, and an electronic board (including thermal and absorption protection), are all standard features of the new Karbonium Evo to other lightness, easy handling on work, ergonomic design and much more to be leader among competitors.

The battery Pack “Power Evolution” is the ideal means to work in freedom with the olive harvester Karbonium Evo, avoiding the long cables of the ground battery. The “Electronic Power Evolution” deploying the LITHIUM BATTERY technology, grant you a full working day, forgetting the need to recharge. A developed electronic system is updated to optimize the performances, managing power absorption and the correct working speed.