With interchangeable header assembly and its harrow/rotary tiller two-in-one design, the ITC in-row cultivator was designed for versatility. It is suitable for orchards and vineyards as well as wide-angle branch planting systems. ITC is a reliable, robust and versatile specialty machine and its uses are wide-ranging. Thanks to the ultra sensitive feeler, the working unit changes position with extremely quick and precise motions; this makes it possible for the tractor to move at higher speeds and ensures excellent results in any type of soil, including rocky or weed-infested soil.


Mount with double attachment for maximum off-centre and side-shifting action; adjustable header inclination for setting of the hydraulic work angle; adjustable spring to compensate for soil hardness; safety lock valve to prevent the header from coming out when in the at-rest position; suction oil filter in the tank; lever with steel wire for manual emergency return.