Falcon 12 V Telescopic

Falcon is a lightweight and practical product developed as a lightweight version of the Karbonium Evo beater, based on the same operating principle. The innovative harvesting concept, already rmly placed and acclaimed on the market thanks to Karbonium Evo, constitutes the basic design of the new Falcon, thus making it an ideal beater for small olive groves or large scale olive picking, where harvesting can last many hours a day over extended periods. Gear transmission in tempered steel, lubricated and in sealed enclosure. Sturdy Ergal frame, 500 W and 12 V electric motor. Fingers in carbon bre and a high strength technopolymer structure represent the main features of Falcon. Available with backpack 20 Ah battery or 12 metre cable, for use with any type of 12 V battery.

Principali caratteristiche:

  • High power motor
  • Removable ngers in carbon bre
  • Technopolymer and carbon bre structure
  • 12 V battery operation
  • Telescopic extension rod with anti-rotation and quick release system
  • Backpack battery set (20 Ah) or 12 metre cable
  • Waterproof switch