TMR-PRO Reversible mulcher extra heavy duty


The TMR-PRO reversible mulcher is designed for front or rear mounting on medium to high power tractors. It is ideal for shredding pruning waste and can be used over all kinds of terrain, including stony ground.

– Super reinforced gearbox with double freewheel clutch PTO 1 3/8” Z6
– Rotor with linear cutting system
– Side shift on chrome bars
– Mechanical side shift
– 4 row counter-blades
– Self levelling blade
– Height-adjustable ARDOX skids
– Rear levelling roller height adjustable (194 mm)
– Scraper for rear levelling roller
– Discharge of the material over the levelling roller
– Double skinned frame
– Front protection with metal flaps and chains
– Protective equipment as per EC safety rules

– PTO shaft T-60
– PTO shaft T-70
– Pivoting steel wheels kit
– Hydraulic side shift 30 cm
– Hydraulic side shift 40 cm