Olive harvester

The olive harvester is an instrument used to make olive picking easier.

The olive harvester can either be electric or pneumatic. They consist in special inclined combs which, by means of vibrations, remove the olive from the branches without the operator having to use force.

The telescopic rod allows the operator to work comfortably and reach high branches.

The Zanon electric olive harvester is characterised by a mechanical movement from a low tension electrical motor that gives a high yield and an elevated hourly production.

Olive harvester

  • Air Karbonium - New

    The principle of the oscillations at high fraquenza, special electric dell'abbacchiatore Karbonium Ages, enters the world of the beaters air portandone all the pros and characterizing the new model Karbonium Air .

  • Mambo Speed - New

    Structure constructed by injection molding of engineering plastics with high capillary resistance of guaranteed effective over time; step "Air-Oil" inside the support with automatic cooling piston rod.

  • Mambo Light

    Mambo Light is the new pneumatic olive harvester. It is very light weighing only 890 gr. And is built as previous versions in high strength techno-polymers, both mechanical and anti-wear.

  • Super Mambo

    Super Mambo is a latest generation pneumatic olive harvester. The structure is made with restricted gate moulding of high strength techno-polymers that are guaranteed and efficient through time.