TS TWIN multi-purpose mulcher

The TS-TWIN is a multi-purpose machine for shredding straw, maize stalks and grass, and for fallow field management. The TS-TWIN is ideal for large areas of land and large farms. It is designed for mounting on tractors of up to 320 HP, and is capable of shredding large areas in short times.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Hammers or blades; counter-blades; EU standard safety devices; bolt-on double anti-wear body; fork attachment; category 8 PTO shaft with freewheel and clutch; 1000 rpm PTO; Ø 273 mm roller; rear inspection cover; rear work light and numberplate kit; PTO shaft; spreader fins; transport safety hook; double toothed belt side drive; closed position safety locking system with automatic synchronised release.