BIO 160B – schredder

The BIO 160-B shredder allows you to shred large amounts of vegetable waste, even moist and fibrous, with a maximum diameter of 15 cm. The hopper, the shape of which complies with the current European regulations, is placed at the right height to reduce the lifting stress. The two hydraulic drive rollers, the direction of rotation of which is controlled electronically by means of the external control andle which also serves as a safety lock for the drive, are connected to a standard “NO-STRESS” electronic device which  utomatically adjusts the introduction of the material depending on the shredding stress. The machine is equipped with a Lombardini diesel engine mod. LDW1404, 35HP and it can be supplied with an 80 Km/h road approved carriage for towing.


Carriage; adjustable exhaust pipe; approved safety devices, cartridge oil filter; movement of material managed electronically by the “NO-STRESS” system; electronic shredding control unit; hydraulic ignition of the electronically managed engines; clutch; pump with a fixed capacity; heat exchanger.